RP Technkik

RP-TECHNIK, has been a brand of the JANSEN group since 2021, ceasing to belong to the Welser Profile group.

This acquisition allows the group a more complete and sustainable response in the market for steel systems for window frames.

The effectiveness of RP -TECHNIK systems is proven by the numerous projects already carried out globally, as well as by several official European laboratories that certify their quality and solutions.

The robustness, technique and nobility, combined with the uniqueness of the material, make RP -TECHNIK systems a reference in the current architecture, as well as in the renovation and preservation of old buildings.

The use of steel systems assumes an added value in your project.

Why stainless steel?

  • Ten times less thermal conductivity than in aluminium and a high resistance to corrosion;
  • Inalterability of the surface over time makes stainless steel the right choice in tough environments;
  • Noble material, differentiating factor, allowing several finishes, such as brushed, semi-brushed or polished.

Why carbon steel?

  • Modulus of elasticity 3 times higher and thermal conductivity 4 times lower than in aluminium.
  • Minimalism, allows large glass surfaces, less material expression, but all the resistance.
  • A wide range of RAL colours is available for the coating of galvanized steel: glossy, matte or textured (forge effect).

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