The door sealing experts

For over 70 years, PLANET set up in Tagelswangen, has been dedicated to drop-down seals. The secret of the automatic drop-down seals lies in its particular mechanism: a silicone lip lowers to the ground when the door closes and goes up when the door opens – without any noise.

PLANET drop-down seals are embedded in the door panels or applied to the surface, in the case of retrofitting or renovating.

PLANET drop-down seals are adaptable to the following types of doors:

  • 1-leaf doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Double Hinged doors
  • Folding doors
  • Circular doors
  • Wooden, metallic, PVC and glass doors

The company also manufactures special drop-down models according to the different requirements of each client for hinged doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, folding doors, circular doors, acoustic doors and radiation protection doors (radiology), etc.

Important features - valid for all PLANET joints:

  • Dimension | single chamber, regardless of the requirement;
  • Seal height from 5 mm up to 25 mm;
  • Unilateral and soundless release, silent seal;
  • Can be shortened up to 100 mm or 125 mm in models PLANET HS, KT, RH, RF, KG, MF, RO, PU;
  • 3 mm adjustable lifting height with special key;
  • Adapts to flat, sloping, uneven, convex and concave floors;
  • 2-leaf hinged doors with flush bolt or driving bar

Features / functions

  • Access without architectural barriers;
  • Energy saving;
  • Soundproof;
  • Smokeproof;
  • Fireproof;
  • Protection against the pouring rain;
  • Protection against light;
  • Protection against dust;
  • Protection against the entry of insects;
  • Protection against the wind;
  • Protection against external odours;
  • Protection against X-rays (special drop-down seal)